TC Labs is a project of the online magazine and arts organization Triple Canopy. TC Labs draws upon and helps sustain Triple Canopy’s expansive network of artists, writers, designers, and developers. Our work has received praise and accolades from The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine, The New Yorker, Design Observer, W Magazine, Paper Magazine, the American Society of Magazine Editors, and Wired.

What we do:


In a media landscape characterized by online content mills and perfunctory social-networking campaigns, Triple Canopy is known for material that is actually watched, read, and relished. We’ve employed groundbreaking Web design and digital tools to forge sustained experiences of literature and artwork online. Capitalizing on this work, TC Labs provides creative consulting and technology for businesses, institutions, publishers, and arts organizations. Our designers and developers excel at creating distinctive spaces for information to be considered, not just circulated.


Text is not filler, and it is too often treated as such. TC Labs works with renowned writers and editors who are experts at crafting rich narratives, making compelling arguments, and distilling complex information. We're meticulous in shaping the language and devising forms for innovative cross-platform initiatives and publication projects.


Events should be more than an opportunity to give away drinks and take photographs of a hundred strangers. TC Labs conceptualizes and produces projects that emerge from and feed back into your project. We bring together diverse communities to facilitate meaningful dialogues and generative interactions, be they artist-led seminars, educational workshops, urban excursions, literary readings, or synesthetic film installations.

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Interested in working with us? First, for design and development inquiries, please fill out a questionnaire about your project. Otherwise, email us at to begin a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our team's experience:


Triple Canopy

Role(s): Concept, UX design, visual Design, editorial, front-end development, custom CMS Type: Online arts magazine Launch Project »


Role(s): Visual design, front-end development, custom CMS Type: Online journal, archive, exhibition space, and forum for MoMA's C-MAP Launch Project »

Independent Curators International

Role(s): Concept, UX design, visual Design, front-end development, custom CMS Type: Curatorial Platform Launch Project »

NY Art Book Fair 2009-2012, presented by Printed Matter, Inc.

Role(s): Coordination, partnerships, press Type: International art fair Launch Project »

e-flux journal

Role(s): PDF-generator development Type: Online-to-print art journal Launch Project »

East of Borneo

Role(s): Concept, UX design, custom CMS Type: Participatory magazine of West Coast art Launch Project »

The Public School

Role(s): Concept, UX design, visual design, front-end development Type: Pedagogical platform Launch Project »


Role(s): UX design, visual design, front-end development, custom CMS Type: News-rating network Launch Project »


Role(s): Editorial Type: Middle Eastern arts magazine Launch Project »

Paula Cooper Gallery

Role(s): Front-end development, custom CMS Type: Contemporary gallery website Launch Project »

Stop Smiling

Role(s): Editorial Type: Arts-and-culture magazine Launch Project »